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    2. PIC16F785


      型號 封裝 在線定購
      PIC16F785-I/SS(查看) SSOP20


      技術資料—— PIC16F785 PDF技術資料

      PIC16F785 概述

      The PIC16F785 Flash microcontroller offers all of the advantages of the well recognized mid-range x14 architecture with standardized features including a wide operating voltage of 2.0-5.5 volts, on-board EEPROM Data Memory, and nanoWatt Technology. Analog peripherals of the PIC16F785 include up to 12 channels of 10-bit A/D, 2 Operation Amplifiers, 2 high-speed analog Comparators, and a Bandgap Voltage Reference. Digital peripherals of the PIC16F785 include a standard Capture/Compare/PWM (CCP) module, a 2-phase PWM with asynchronous feedback, a 16-bit timer and 2 8-bit timers.

      PIC16F785 參數
      PIC16F785 存儲器
      Flash (KB)   3.5
      RAM (Bytes)   128
      Data EEPROM (bytes)   256
      PIC16F785 其他參數
      程序存儲器類型   Flash
      CPU速率 (MIPS)   5
      捕捉/比較/PWM 模塊   1 CCP1
      定時器   2 x 8-bit
      1 x 16-bit
      ADC   12 ch, 10-bit
      比較器   2
      工作電壓 (V)   2 to 15
      PIC16F785 封裝與引腳
      PDIP20, QFN20, SOIC20, SSOP20

      PIC16F785 特性

      • Up to 12 channels of 10-bit A/D
      • 2-Phase PWM with Asynchronous feedback via Comparators
      • 2 Op amps with all input/output available externally
      • 2 High-speed Comparators connected to 2-phase PWM
      • Bandgap Voltage Reference and internal Capture/Compare/PWM (CCP) module
      • 8 MHz internal oscillator with software controlled clock divides
      • Software selectable BOR
      • Wide Operating Voltage (2.0V – 5.5V)
      • High Voltage PIC16HV785 variant (2.0V – User Defined) with internal shunt regulator